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Creative Camp on Parliamentary Data

Next week (Monday 6 to Friday 10 October), the Talk of Europe team will host the first creative camp at Sound and Vision. With five teams from Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK, it promises to be an exciting week. We expect many discussions about employing the parliamentary data, as well as fruitful collaborations to develop tools on top of this data. The data will made available to all participants for this creative camp, and will be made available publicly afterwards.

Moreover, we have several invited speakers that will present both technical as more contextual keynotes on European politics during the plenary sessions. On Monday we will have Henri Beunders (Erasmus University Rotterdam), and during the workshop on Wednesday we will have Bjørn Høyland (University of Oslo), Maarten Marx (University of Amsterdam), Sander van der Waal (Open Knowledge Foundation) and Doru Frantescu (VoteWatch).

If you would like to attend the workshop on Wednesday (see the programme here), please sign up by email. The latest you can sign up is Monday 6 October.

For more information on speakers, abstracts and the programme, see the Talk of Europe Website.