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Lenca Molleman

Lenca Molleman


As Specialist Marketing, Lenca Molleman (1974) has been working for the Institute's museum since 2009. She is responsible for campaigns of the Sound and Vision Experience, various exhibitions, events and programming and contact person for all kinds of commercial matters of the museum.

Lenca has also been active as project lead since 2014. She is the project lead for the Top 2000 for the 5th time in 2018. Other projects are the merger with the Press Museum, the exhibitions "Let's YouTube" and "Nieuws of Nonsens", and the new website of the Institute that was launched at the end of 2017.

This year, Lenca is project lead of the Dutch Media Week. After 2 previous editions, the Dutch Media Week will be realized by the Dutch Media Foundation together with Sound and Vision in 2018, in close collaboration with the municipality of Hilversum. Dutch Media Week 2018 takes place from 1 to 9 September. The mission of the week is to "explore the meaning of media, along with makers and audiences".


☏ 035 677 5068
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