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Nienke van Schaverbeke

Nienke van Schaverbeke  in front of the coloured glass windows of Sound & Vision

Nienke has been working at Sound & Vision as Product Manager Knowledge and Innovation since September 2020.

From a background in scientific publishing (Koninklijke Brill, Cambridge University Press) she has been working in the heritage sector since 2012. In recent years she has worked at Europeana as Head of Collections where she has built up a broad and diverse network within the European heritage sector. Nienke is an elected member of the Europeana Network Association Members Council.

Within Sound & Vision, Nienke is involved with AVA_Net, the network organization for audiovisual collection holders and returns to her roots as a publisher working on the two open access magazines of Sound & Vision: VIEW: Journal of European Television History and Culture and TMG Journal for Media History.

In addition, Nienke works within K&I on a broad portfolio of national and international research projects (eg Europeana Sport, MediaNumeric) and partnerships with, among others, the National AI Coalition and the Network Digital Heritage.