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CineXPRES conducts research and develops new technologies, methods and expert systems for the automation of digital preservation and restoration of film archiving in the long term.


Photo: Sebatsiaan ter Burg, CC BY

A focus of the project is on the input and standardization of mathematical descriptions of the transfer process from the analogue film to the digital core files. It is offered as a rich metadata description of the entire transfer process. This approach will also allow for an efficiency-based quality assessment and be the basis for automated digital restoration of the content.

A second focus is to ensure that the current best practice approach will be converted into a largely automated workflow supported by the CineXPRES automation expert system. The CineXPRES user group, consisting of film technology experts and professionals, is formed to ensure that best practice approaches are used.

CineXPRES is funded by the Eurostars programme.

Project Partners

Sound and Vision, Doremi Technologies, Cube-tec International Gmbh