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Collection for media professionals

Sound and Vision focuses on collecting and preserving most of the audio-visual heritage of the Netherlands and making it available to as many users as possible. Our collection is extremely suitable for reuse and will give your productions additional value. The archive also is a unique source of information for research, not only for students and academics, but also for journalists, international production companies and broadcasting organisations.

Collectie voor makers en professionals

DAAN, our digital catalogue

DAAN is the digital catalogue of Sound and Vision and offers media professionals access to our huge media collection. From DAAN a large part of the collection can be viewed, listened to and ordered. By paying € 30 per month, your IP address is linked to our catalogue, so that you can also view the keyframes and player at home and request your material digitally. Due to copyright restrictions, this service is only available to professionals in media and science. Apply for a connection by sending an email to the customer contact center.

Requesting audiovisual footage

It is also possible to request footage for commercial/non-commerial re-use without a connection to DAAN, using a request form.

Licenses and services

Costs for technology and services are charged to professional orders for re-use. In addition, there are licensing fees depending on the intended use. These costs are defined in consultation with the entitled party, to whom the money is also paid. For information about the expected level of licensing costs, please contact the customer contact center.

Sound and Vision has a number of experts with excellent knowledge of the collection. In complex research questions they can help you find the right material for your production. For this we charge a fixed hourly rate.


For all questions regarding re-use you can contact our customer contact center.

T +31 35 677 55 55 (Monday - Friday, 8.30 am - 5.30 pm CET) 

We will assist you in ordering excerpts or complete programmes. If required we can also provide subtitles for the AV material.

Groningen (1919)

Free re-use on Open Images

On you can view and download a small part of the Sound and Vision collection for free. This material can be re-used free of charge because it’s part of the public domain or because it has been made available by the copyright holders under a Creative Commons-license. In this license, a number of conditions may be attached to the re-use such as the name or only the use in non-commercial communications.

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