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Whether you come for the Sound and Vision experience, a temporary exhibition, workshop, lecture or the beautiful architecture; there is always something going on at Sound and Vision. At the institute for media culture you discover how the media influence you... and how you influence the media.

We offer a broad range of programs for schools, including workshops in which students develop their media literacy or get acquainted with working in the field of media. Our building includes modern and event spaces, great for events of any kind.

The Sound and Vision experience

In the museum you discover the world of the media. Feel what it’s like to be a media producer or the start of the show, discover how influential the media truly are and look back on the Dutch media history. From the little ones diving into Media Ukkie Land to those who remember the first television: the experience keeps you entertained for hours.

All the recordings you make during your visit are saved to your personal page, so you're able to share the results with your friends and family.

Please note that most of the experience is in Dutch. Translations are not available. 

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Our building

One look at the facade and you know the building of Sound and Vision is special. From the depots deep under the ground to the museum far above your head: the spectacular architecture reflects our mission as an institute for media culture.

Read more about our building, book a tour or take a look at the possibilies our building has for your event.


Sound and Vision has a wide range of educational arrangements for all levels, with a special focus on education. A look behind the scenes of radio and television? Being a media producer or working on media literacy in a workshop? From primary to higher education, we have an appropriate school program for every level!

Since we offer our programs primarily in Dutch, please view the complete line-up on our Dutch website. 

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