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Tools of the Trade

A report on the PREFORMA funded symposium "No Time to Wait!: Standardizing FFV1 & Matroska for Preservation" in Berlin.

Building a better developer community: OR 2016

Sound and Vision R&D team member and EuropeanaTech Community Manager, Gregory Markus attended OR2016 as part of a panel focused on transnational open source development and improving collaborative technical development in amongst heritage i...

Iets Nieuws: Are you a great newscaster?

In the context of the Observe project and Lukas Hulsbergen's thesis, we developed the interactive game/web toy Iets Nieuws. In the game participants are asked to do voice overs for Sound and Vision's Open Images videos.

Connecting collections across national borders

In the project “Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus voor Uniforme Ontsluiting” a case study to connect partial collections of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the Flemish VIAA archive by aligning their thesauri was held.

Turning historical newsreels into awesome GIF animations

Sound and Vision asked animated GIF artist Kajetan Obarski a.k.a. Kiszkiloszki to make awesome GIF animations from historical newsreels. Here's what he came up with.

Creaky floors and washing machines in the new re:vive sample pack

The RE:VIVE Sample Pack “Around the House” contains sounds from archival collections across Europe.

Identify musical instruments in our recordings!

Have an ear for musical instruments? Use your talent to tag all the instruments you hear in the musical recordings of the Europeana Sounds collections!...

Reusing 16th century music - interview with Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker's newest release, Love Streams, found its core in Renaissance composer Josquin des Prez’s last work. Sound and Vision's Gregory Markus interviewed him to investigate Hecker’s process and thoughts behind working with these histori...

Digital Cultural Heritage: USA versus EU - where is the grass greener?

On april 15-16 our Sound and Vision R&D team member and EuropeanaTech Community Manager, Gregory Markus ventured to Washington DC for DPLAfest, these are his highlights and reflections.