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Karen Drost


As an Interactive Museum Presentations Expert, Karen Drost (1977) is responsible for concept development and has the creative lead in interactive presentations aimed at the Sound and Vision audience. The total concept is leading in this, from there the on site, on line and narrative style are developed.

Starting in 2006, Karen has worked on large exhibitions like Van Kooten en De Bie, Your Serious Radio and Let’s YouTube and on multimedial exhibits in the Experience.

With a background in museums as well as advertising, Karen always looks for a combination of appealing presentations and cutting edge technologies. In telling catching stories she is inspired by new three-dimensional forms and technological developments.

Karen is the contact person for the Sound and Vision Experience, temporary exhibitions, innovative presentation techniques, and guided tours of the Experience and temporary exhibitions at Sound and Vision.


☏ 06 2473 8993 
✐ @karendrost 
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