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Tim Manders

Tim Manders operationalizes innovations and optimizes metadata processes from ingest to access. He works for the Information Management department, which works on data governance and business intelligence among other things. Tim is a member of the FIAT / IFTA Media Management Committee. Topics he deals with:

  • Optimization of metadata processes and workflows.
  • Media Management - a proactive approach to annotation: generating more and structured metadata as early as possible in the chain, supplemented with automatic techniques that provide clear access.
  • The implementation of automatic techniques, applied to the daily intake of radio and TV in the archive: speaker labeling, term extraction and facial recognition.
  • Business rules, metadata mapping, metadata standards, metadata normalizations and metadata models.
  • Using the thesaurus to get well structured data and to link with other collections and sources.
  • Functional management and requirements related to metadata processes and searching.

☏ 035 - 677 23 89