At Sound and Vision, we want to make our collection available to everyone. So we experiment, research and collaborate in national and international projects to find new and innovative ways to do just that. Here’s a list of projects we’re working on or have worked on in the past.

Immersive journalism and the engaging audience

The research project 'Immersive journalism and the engaging audience' researches to what extent emotional involvement of news consumers in journalistic productions can influence the public function of journalistic organisations.


ReTV researches novel solutions for broadcasters and their content partners to publish their material on multiple media channels with the effort, adjusted to the target audience.

The Bridge Hilversum

Within the project an installation with a minimum of three interactive screens on different locations in Hilversum is realised.


SEMIA (The Sensory Moving Image Archive) researches which technical tools are needed to enable creative users and researchers to explore and reuse digitised heritage collections based on visual characteristics such as light and color, shape...


MediaNow aims to develop and test open source search solutions for exploring large multimedia archives.


FAIRview generates adaptive news video summaries and develops metrics to assess the quality of the video summaries and their potential for misinformation.

De Tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw

De Tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw header

De Tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw researches the impact of an exhibition on the visitor.


Lakker - Struggle and Emerge

The RE:VIVE initiative brings together archives and artists to create new, meaningful material out of and inspired by the abundance of materials the reside in archives.

Migration in the Arts and Sciences


The project 'Migration in the Arts and Sciences' is linked to the creation of a thematic collection about migration to, from and within Europe and the effects migration has had on European culture.