At Sound and Vision, we want to make our collection available to everyone. So we experiment, research and collaborate in national and international projects to find new and innovative ways to do just that. Here’s a list of projects we’re working on or have worked on in the past.


The research project that aims to empower policy-makers & decision-makers in the Cultural and Creative Industries to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitisation in their sectors and address the need for innovative (re)us...

"Kinderen in gesprek met media"

'Kinderen in gesprek met media' (Kids in conversation with media) is investigating how we can design child-robot interaction in a responsible manner: not only informative in a way that children understand and like, but also with attention t...

Virtual Interiors

'Virtual Interiors' focuses on the question of how we can develop and publish digital maps and virtual rooms using historical data to reliably depict the cultural life of the past.

Immersive journalism and the engaging audience

The research project 'Immersive journalism and the engaging audience' researches to what extent emotional involvement of news consumers in journalistic productions can influence the public function of journalistic organisations.


CADEAH researches the online circulation and appropriation of audiovisual heritage using an integrated and interdisciplinary approach.

Documenting Complexity

What societal role do documentary makers strive for, and how do they employ new recording and presentation technologies like Virtual Reality, 360-degree cameras and drones? In this project, we conduct action research: we co-produce a docume...

Time Machine

Time Machine builds a large scale simulator mapping 2000 years of European History, transforming kilometres of archives and large collections from museums into a digital information system.

Europeana Common Culture

Europeana Common Culture aims to harmonize and improve the shared infrastructure of Europeana's national cultural heritage aggregators. In addition, the project wants to increase the amount and quality of the content en metadata.

Maak het publiek!

The project 'Maak het publiek!' aims to solve bottlenecks that arise when publishing publications and thus producing knowledge about acquiring and maintaining economic and cultural capital in the publishing sector, also in digital times.