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The Bridge Hilversum

Within the project an installation with a minimum of three interactive screens on different locations in Hilversum is realised.


The content on the screens is realised by and Ngage Media in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The screens offers a digital platform to the residents of Hilversum itself: in addition to news, and municipal information, an 'open stage' is created for creative videos, clips and animations made by artists and designers, students, pupils and the elderly. Furthermore, archive films from Sound and Vision are shown on the screens. Part of the content on the screens is reserved for messages of both a commercial and a cultural nature.

In December 2015 the screen will be placed on the square near Hilversum Station. Later on the other screens will follow, creating a unique interactive bridge between different locations in Hilversum.

The project is co-financed by the municipality of Hilversum.

Project partners, Ngage Media, Perspekt