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In this project, the origin of the Dutch public space on the internet (The Digital City) will be kept and unlocked for the current and future generations.

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De Digitale Stad (DDS) was the first Dutch virtual community and, until its closure in 2001, played an important role in our internet history. This treasury, filled with digital heritage data, is at risk of getting lost, for example, because hardware and software age which causes data to be illegible. In this case study for web archeology, the question to be answered is: how can you reconstruct, conserve, unlock and present born digital heritage in a sustainable manner?

Sound and Vision is involved in the archiving problem concerning the dynamic storage of data and the archiving of audiovisual data. Sound and Vision will also focus on the presentation of the museum.

This project is brought to you with financial support by the Mondriaan Fonds, NCDD, Stimuleringsfonds and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Project partners

Sound and Vision, Amsterdam Museum, University of Amsterdam, Waag Society