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Het geluid van Nederland

Het geluid van Nederland (the Sound of the Netherlands) makes the sounds archive of Sound and Vision accessible online and asks the audience to add their own sounds.

Geluid van Nederland

In the project Het geluid van Nederland the recordings from the unique sound archive of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision are made available. This collection consists of around 10,000 sound recordings from the 1950s to the 1990s: from horse-drawn cars and street vendors to riots in Amsterdam and the Elfstedentocht of 1986. A selection of 2,000 sounds is made available in this project. This collection provides insight into the changing sound image of the Netherlands.

The purpose of Het geluid van Nederland is to make this collection full of disappeared sounds accessible to a wide public online and to expand it. We want to do this with the help of active communities of sound hunters and spotters and other interested parties who want to contribute. With their help we want to expand the collection with, for example, personal (historical) sound archives and recent sounds from all over the country. All sounds, old and new, are brought together on the map application of this website.

Het geluid van Nederland is a project of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, The Auditieve Dienst and Kennisland. The recordings from the sound archive of Sound and Vision have been digitized in the framework of the digitization programme Images for the Future. Het geluid van Nederland is made possible by a financial contribution from Stichting Doen and the BankGiro Loterij.