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The research project 'Immersive journalism and the engaging audience' researches to what extent emotional involvement of news consumers in journalistic productions can influence the public function of journalistic organisations.

With immersive journalistic techniques such as 360-degree video, augmented reality and virtual reality, the audience, becomes part of a story as it were, instead of just 'undergoing' it. It is a way to connect the public to you, by emotionally engaging them in the story. By allowing the audience to experience the real world 'virtually', they would gain a better grip on and understanding of intangible and unimaginable events in the world.

The transfer of information to citizens and the interpretation of events and developments in society is one of the core functions of journalism. There is still little knowledge about the experience of the user and what impact immersiveness has on knowledge transfer. This project researches whether immersiveness increases the emotional involvement of the public in the news and whether, and to what extent, the increased involvement also contributes to the informative and interpretive function of journalism.

Sound and Vision is involved in setting up the sub-studies and setting up and carrying out the experiments.

This project is funded by SIA RAAK Public.

More about Immersive Journalism (in Dutch)

Project partners

Sound and Vision, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, KRO-NCRV, VPRO, NOS, NTR