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'Kinderen in gesprek met media' (Kids in conversation with media) is investigating how we can design child-robot interaction in a responsible manner: not only informative in a way that children understand and like, but also with attention to transparency, privacy and awareness about the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Photo: Alex Knight

The project will develop a social autonomous, intelligent agent in the form of a robot that interacts with children between the ages of 8 and 14 in the museum of Sound and Vision visiting the museum. In terms of content, the interaction with the robot will focus on topics related to media, partly by showing the media present in the Sound and Vision archive on displays in the museum or on the robot itself.

The research is done in a 'living lab' setting via two complementary and interacting research lines:

  • The first research line 'social child-robot interaction' investigates the effect of artificial social behavior of robots on the social behavior of children and their perception of the information-giving robot.
  • The second research line 'child-robot interaction technology' focuses on technical aspects that play a role in the informative interaction between children and autonomous agents (artificial intelligence, language and speech technology, search technology) and the insertion of multimedia sources such as television material, photographs and text (multimedia retrieval) in the conversation between child and robot.

This project is funded by the SIDN fund.

Project Partners

Sound and Vision, University of Twente