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Narrativizing Disruption (NarDis) researches how exploratory search can support media researchers to interpret ‘disruptive’ media events as lucid narratives.

‘Disruptive’ media events, such as terrorist attacks or environmental disasters, are difficult to interpret due to an inability to grasp the story. This leads to problems for media scholars, who analyse how narratives construct different political, economic or cultural meanings around such events. Offering media scholars the ability to explore and create lucid narratives about media events therefore greatly supports their interpretative work.

The project studies how exploratory search can help to understand how ‘disruptive’ events are constructed as narratives across media, and instilled with specific cultural-political meanings. It approaches this question by using CLARIAH components (DIVE+’s navigation and bookmarking pane) to examine how scholars use and create narratives to understand media events.

Sound and Vision supervises the research with the Media Suite and also gathers new user requirements for the Media Suite.

This project is a CLARIAH Research Pilot financed by NWO.