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Polimedia investigated the potential of cross-media applications for research in the humanities.

Analyzing media coverage in different media is a complicated task for (media) historians. Until now, the focus was mainly on newspaper articles: these are often available in a digital, computer-readable format, making studying them relatively easy. However, cross-media research between different types of media types is rarely done, despite the fact that this type of research is high on the wish list of (media) historians because it gives better insight into the choices that different media types make. A specific example of research into media coverage is that of political debates and how the representation of subjects and persons changes through time.

The PoliMedia project aims to be a showcase of the potential of crosmedial analysis of research in the Humanities by (i) making automatically detected semantic links between the datasets of different types of media, and (ii) the development of a demonstrator application with which researchers use such an interconnected collection for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the media coverage of debates in the Dutch parliament.

PoliMedia is financed by Clarin-NL.