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Talking You Through

In 'Talking You Through: Traffic Information and Car Radio, 1950s-now' research is done into the historical and contemporary use of radio in traffic in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands from 1950 until now.

The car radio has played a crucial role in the spreading of traffic information. The ways in which traffic information is collected, transmitted and presented is different in each country. In addition, road users not only listen to the car radio, but also to music, audio books, mobile phones and navigation system voices. This research project tries to discover what influence these changing presentation and listening practices have on how drivers process traffic information, and how they deal with the tension between controlling traffic on the one hand, and the freedom of listening and driving on the other hand.

The project is the doctoral research of Marith Dieker, Msc. (Maastricht University), for which she conducts research in the collection of Sound and Vision.

Talking You Through is funded by NWO Humanities.