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In Tijdreizigers (Time travelers), augmented reality is combined with a physical racing simulator to create an escape room on wheels.

In Tijdreizigers (Time travelers), the iconic Dutch game Vakantieracer, a sequel to A2 Racer, is given a contemporary twist. Use is made of a mechanically controllable Fiat Panda as a race simulator, a large screen and augmented reality; a total mix of physical and digital realities. There are also digital and analogue instructions that are mixed with archive material from the Sound and Vision collection. The goal is to arrive in the South of France as quickly as possible, but also safely.

Tijdreizigers is part of De Koude Kermis, a fair with "attractions" in all kinds of old and new media forms. De Koude Kermis is a public experience in which folk culture, high art and high tech meet.

This project is made possible with support form the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Project Partners

DROPSTUFF, Sound and Vision