ZieOok was a platform for recommendation technology. Based on characteristics such as use, popularity and semantic similarity, ZieOok identified meaningful relationships between objects from cultural heritage collections.

ZieOok generates automatic relevant recommendations for end users of internet publications and archives. Based on a fixed profile, a recommendation can automatically be generated to the end user. Based on characteristics such as usage, popularity and semantic resemblance, ZieOok also looks for meaningful relationships between objects from heritage collections. The 'social network' of users is also taken into account in the 'recommendations' that the system generates.

This technique presents the width and depth of the collections to the users of the platform. ZieOok also helps to show the end of the so-called 'Long Tail', by pointing users to relevant but unknown material. Archives from the heritage sector can easily connect their OAI collection to ZieOok and offer their end-users recommendations that are automatically generated.

ZieOok was developed as part of the Images for the Future programme.